Protection Beyond the Helmet

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You wouldn’t do your job without the proper equipment, you shouldn’t do it without the proper insurance either.

With Insurance for Welders, we have created a community of welders protecting one another. Over 500 members totaling nearly 1000 policies, the program provides the ability to keep your premiums low. With IFW, you are not just getting insurance, but instead contributing to the protection of the welding community.

Our goal is not to be only your insurance provider, but a business partner. We strive to help you run a safe and protected company. From safety advice to coverage recommendations, we are here to help advise on the decisions that matter.

In 2016 we marked the 25th anniversary of the program, and we couldn’t be happier with the how far we’ve come. The question, ‘Why Insurance for Welders?’ can be answered simply; we are welding insurance experts, this is what we do.

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