The Team

We’re Here for You

Whether you are trying to choose the right deductible, need help with a claim, or just have a question about insurance; they are always here to take your call. Our dedicated team of experts is trained specifically for the welders program. They understand the unique demands of the welding industry and have the knowledge and expertise to handle all of your requests.

About Tredd Insurance Brokers

Tredd Insurance Brokers is a value based, client focused firm which offers unique and innovative solutions for our clients. We are an independently owned brokerage that employs a group of exceptional people who bring an aggressive style of work, creative thinking, and set of firm values that are unique in the brokerage world. These values – delivering tailored insurance solutions, providing the highest level of service, and working tirelessly to deliver the best pricing are at the core of our firm today.

In August 2012, Tredd merged with H.E. Hunt & Associates (1987) Ltd., a Calgary-based firm with a history of servicing commercial, oil & gas, and energy clients in Western Canada for over 25 years.

Today, we serve a broad range of needs in a broad range of areas. With offices in both Eastern and Western Canada, we truly have a national presence, with established connections with insurance intermediaries and correspondents throughout the world.


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